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(no subject)

Aug. 8th, 2012 | 12:40 am

gained weight, check out those fat tummy & face.
done with night shift, first night was peaceful, got shouted at by this uncle pt.
but i just held my cool and not say anything. staffs came rushing in behind curtains trying to "rescue me"
it's really nice, like they say it's not the job sometimes. it's the people around you that makes you happy at work.
and yes passion does run dry but we gotta keep reminding why we chosen this path.
second night, had epic patients coming in, had this sudden ams guy and huge bleed after ct brain and helped in intubation.
i hope i don't have to try 10times to be "right" and good. come on geri
night shift makes me FAT. hahaha colleagues are all like buying yakult chocolates in the middle of the night or from home and introducing like what add chilli tuna into korean maggi mee. hahaha epic stories and talked about Olympic all the time cause that's the only thing showing on tv while we have break. have been an ass and bf's nice like always, still. :P
cycling tmrw morning yay! :D shall blog again......... till then

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